Greenlands Health Foods

The Covered Market

What a revelation. I had always walked past this place, dismissing it as a bit of a hippy honeypot for the Ethnic Hat Brigade only. The mere fact that it was almost impossible to pass by outside for the amount of dodgy-looking healthy stuff piled up on racks was enough to put me off.

But in the pursuit of finding out everything there is to know about Greenwich I stepped inside, presumably looking every inch like some green-skinned alien walking into uncharted territory. I instantly began to eat my diseased opinionated words. Sorry folks. I will never be so prejudiced again. Til next time, of course…

This shop is incredible. It sells every health food known to humankind, a cure for pretty much every ailment (if you’re into herbal remedies) and some splendid extras too – all in a boutique the size of my living room, which believe me, is not big.

The shelves climb all the way to the ceiling and are packed so tightly with goods of every healthy description that you fear to take something out unless the whole lot caves in on you. There are bags of grains you’ve never heard of, packets of seeds, boxes of curious foodie-type objects, tubs of sundry vitamins and supplements by the hundredweight – as well as all the usual stuff you’d expect. The central shelf stack is equally well-stocked and there are fridges for fresh stuff along the side. No wonder they have to spill out onto the pavement.

Beauty Without Cruelty. My goodness me. I used to buy that stuff in the 80s. Whatever happened to them? Well – now I know – they are alive and well, and being sold in Greenwich.

I am not totally sold on the efficacy of every health product ever known to man, but if you fancy a dabble, this is a fantastic place to dip a toe into the world of complimentary therapy. The people behind the counter (and full marks to them for actually physically fitting into such a tiny space) are friendly and helpful.

I emerged some time afterwards with a bulging bag of interesting stuff. Being the Greenwich Phantom is occasionally an expensive indulgence…

BTW Linseed is revolting. But just to show I don’t hold this against them personally, I have chosen Greenlands as one of The Phantom’s Favourite Haunts

3 Comments to “Greenlands Health Foods”

  1. eleanargh says:

    I know this is an old entry Phantom – but do you have any idea where Greenlands is moving? I have heard tell of this, but forgot to ask last time I was in there.

  2. You’re ahed of me – I confess I didn’t know they were going.

  3. LGM says:

    It’s moving a matter of yards; next door to the architect, 14 Greenwich Market – check out the fetching red paint job!