Gambling Opportunities in Greenwich

I thought that to curb some of the disappointment over the Dome failing to secure the Super Casino, I’d spend today talking about some of the delightful opportunities we have already have to lose our money here in leafy Greenwich.

You’re especially in luck if you live in the East – there are at least three bookies in one road alone, though West Greenwich lags behind only a little.

For a straight-ahead betting shop, the adorable E.Coombes can be found in no fewer than 3 locations – Greenwich Church St, Trafalgar Road and Woolwich Road – with coverage like that nobody needs to be ever more than a few steps away from their next flutter.

The oddly-named Be-Emotions is in Mosely Row – though I know nothing about it.

If you’re looking for something with a spot of ‘character,’ the Coral on Trafalgar Road is located in what was obviously once a bank, so a nice, solid building with lovely colourful posters outside – and they even do an online service if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home. I am delighted – let’s face it – East Greenwich has FAR TOO MANY banks…

Then there’s the Plaza. Who needed a cinema anyway? I was excited when I saw that they were redeveloping the ground floor – and could hardly contain myself when I discovered it was going to be a bookies – previously there had been a gap of almost a quarter of a mile with no opportunity whatsoever to place a bet. Ladbrokes are filling an important gap. And what a magnificent floral display outside!I can only hope that upstairs – where the Chinese restaurant was – and – hell – why not – downstairs where the ill-fated lap-dancing club has left a gaping hole in our community will perhaps take a bingo parlour…

Now there IS a gap in the market. If you want to play bingo, sadly you’ll have to go to Catford, Eltham or Woolwich. Tut. Shame on you, Gala. But – maybe now it’s lost the Super Casino, Anschutz could turn the Dome into a giant bingo hall. Guaranteed to attract high-rollers from across the globe.

All is not lost though – remember that you can always buy a National Lottery ticket from pretty much any newsagents. And there’s always Poker at my place third Friday of the month…

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