Fergus Noone Photography

15, The Market

Fergus Noone has moved about three shops from its position on the East side of the covered market to the vacant position left when the swanky dress shop shut recently. He does classy, pricey, mainly monochrome pictures, often of London and especially Greenwich. They’re nice pictures – wholesome and strongly photographed, and would look very handsome indeed on the wall of a business or luxury flat. I wish I was as accomplished (you don’t have to look at my efforts for long to see that I’m no photographer) and one day I might even buy a print or two. He also takes commissions for the usual weddings portraits and baby pictures.

The shop did just fine where it was on the East side of the market.

I’m rather disappointed, though, that the company has moved and turned that great shop on the Southern end with that wonderful wrought iron staircase and the dinky nooks and crannies into a rather sainitised, almost corporate blandness, losing the luxurious, slightly mysterious air it used to have. It’s very smart, now, of course, with lots of wooden floors and tasteful lighting, but – well – I guess it’s just not really my cup of tea. It’s all open and light – no room for surprises or reason to explore any more.

But hell – I’m not going to be too sad – this is a one-off, individual shop doing its best to stave off the chains, albeit by possibly disguising itself as one. And the pics are fab…


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