Dress Circle Dress Agency

The covered market

Dress Circle opened last November and about time too. We’ve been needing a dress agency for some time – both so that we can buy some lovely good-quality pre-loved clothes – and get rid of a few of those sale-time mistakes that hang unworn in every girl’s (and some boys’) bulging wardrobe.

The shop is tiny – like all the Greenwich market boutiques so I thought I might have missed the boat when I brought in a few of my own items – all unworn from years of somehwat over-optimistic weightloss intentions. I wish I could say I don’t make errors like that any more, but…

They only take decent stuff – which is understandable – it means that what they sell is good and it doesn’t become like a jumble sale. They are nice enough to be polite if they’re not interested and were friendly and helpful with me, though I detect a steely edge underneath – these women are not soft touches.

The deal works like this. If they take your stuff, they hold it for up to three months and if it sells you get 40%, which seems ok to me – let’s face it, it wasn’t doing anything at the back of my wardrobe, and they’re doing all the work here. They send out cheques once a quarter. If anything doesn’t sell, you get it back.

It’s a bit cluttered – but personally I rather like that – you feel like you’re just about to find an undiscovered bargain. I recommend wearing blinkers if you’re only going in to sell. They also do jewellery and shoes, as well as bags and the odd hat. Presumably it’s the same deal. The ladies tell me that business is brisk and that there’s quite a turnover. We’ll see…

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