Hey guys

A certain Anonymous person (I’d love a name for you, Mr/Ms Anonymous – any ridiculous nickname will do) has been saying that Friday nights are not a good night for late-opening for the new fishmonger as by that time in the week they’re zonked out from working all week. They’d like to see another late-night either instead or as well as Fridays.

Now it seems to me that now is a good time to be talking about opening times as they’ve just opened and obviously they’re looking to find the right hours for their customers. So – I wonder what late night would YOU like to see at the fishmongers?

Maybe we can find a good date between us to suggest to them – I’m sure they’d like to know (I doubt they read this blog – but emails are always welcome, I’m sure.)

What do you think, guys? I’m wondering about Thursday evenings – not quite the end of the week, but in plenty of time for any special dinners on Friday or Saturday. Anyone got any other ideas?

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