Winter Wonderland

Well – it’s a bit of an event these days, isn’t it? So – I trudged out this morning with my trusty camera – well – two of them actually. I managed to get (I think) quite a few good ones with my fabby camera – then the battery ran out. “Not to worry,” I thought, “I still have my trusty point-and-shoot.” I got about ten with that before the battery ran out on that too.

They’re both on charge at the moment, and so far I’ve only been able to retrieve the ones on the point-and-shoot (see above.)

It’s a shame really – I have never seen the deer so close to the side viewing point in the park and I didn’t make it down to the Old Royal Naval College because it just wasn’t worth the slidy-path hazards. But there were lots of people out taking pics – I certainly wasn’t the only recorder of this rarer and rarer event.By 9.00am the snow was on the way out anyway.

I have no idea how often we’ll see snow any more. Climate change seems to be coming on faster and faster. The local paper this morning says that the Thames Barrier was shut three times in four days last week – I had certainly noticed how high the tide was on Saturday. But this little snowfall proves all is not totally lost – yet.

I have both cameras on charge in case we get another downfall.

If the other camera’s pics are any good, I’ll post them either here or on my forthcoming gallery.

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