Westcombe Park


Sounding a bit like a country pile straight out of a Jane Austen novel, this delightful half-run-down-half-really-rather-swish area engenders a great love in its residents. So much so that the Westcombe Society – made up merely of the handful of streets south of the railway line around Westcombe Park Station has its own monthly newspaper which is of a consistently high standard.

The houses, clinging to the side of the hill leading up to Blackheath, are nearly all Victorian, often very large indeed (though many have been converted into tiny apartments) and generally in beautiful condition. Encaustic tiled paths and stained glass doors are still plentiful and I guess there aren’t TOO many nasty conversions.

I’ve got my name down on the waiting list for the stunning Humber Road Allotments (breathtaking views of Canary Wharf) but I’ve got a long wait – eleven years and counting, according to the lady at the council. Given that I’m number 23 on the list, there’s just 11 plots and people only give them up when they die, I’d say that was actually a rather generous time allowance…

The Westcombe News (delivered free to residents but available from the newsagents at the station if you’re unlucky enough not to live in the catchment area) keeps a close eye on the environment affecting the whole of Greenwich and encourages a small but persistent group of lobbyists to complain loudly about ‘wrong’ things in the area. The noticeboard section at the back is useful for local tradespeople, but as I’ve found to my cost, some are gems and others total cowboys.

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