The Meeting House

From the sublime to the ridiculous – Wednesday, I was in The Spread Eagle eating caramelised cod, yesterday I was in the Meeting House scoffing a jacket spud.

The Meeting House is one of my favourite cheap eats in Greenwich. Situated in the covered market, it gets stupidly full at weekends, but the rest of the time it just ticks by. It’s basic stuff – bright fluorescent strip lights, basic tiled floors and aluminium picnic chairs which don’t quite fit the marble-topped tables.

It’s waitress service, and the selection is huge considering the size of the kitchen. You can have your usual greasy-spoon fare – egg, bacon and chips, omelettes, fry-ups etc, your sandwiches with multi fillings and ever-so-slightly ‘exotic’ stuff like curries and bagels with interesting toppings, but for my money the home-made pies, dishes such as lasagne – and those jacket spuds – are the best. Specials are listed on the chalk board on the wall – but they don’t change much. If you get a jacket potato, it comes on a plate covered in so much salad it’s hard to finish it, and the toppings are generous to say the least. You will not go hungry here.

They have wine racks on the wall, but I have never seen anyone drinking alcohol. This is a place to enjoy orange ‘workman’s’ tea and Gaggia-made coffee.

We’re hardly talking cordon bleu cookery here. But you’ll fill up with something cheap and cheerful without having to lie down afterwards from the wallet-strain.

Service ranges from cheery to sullen, exemplary to indifferent depending on the day of the week, the time of day and the length of the queue.

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