The Launderette

Trafalgar Road

I hadn’t visited a launderette since I was a student – and was rather looking forward to taking my two pillows (that I had been told were past it and had been urged to send to an animal sanctuary for bedding) along to find out what happens at one these days. I have been feeling rather guilty about our washing machine (no tumble dryer at least) and thinking maybe I could get rid of it and just use the local services for a while.

The Launderette (don’t you just love it when they DON’T give shops comedy names – and just call them what they are) along Trafalgar Road has that faint air of an Eastenders set – and is even rather cool in a clean, rough & ready sort of way. I brought my pillows in and asked the handful of pensioners where I could find the lady in charge.

When she arrived from the back room, I asked her what the best way of doing my pillows would be – and to be honest I jumped at the service wash option – I just didn’t want to sit around for hours on end – and let’s face it – there’s not a lot to do in that part of Trafalgar Road while you’re waiting. “£7 for two pillows – well – it’s a personal service – that’s fine if my pillows are going to be ok,” I thought.

I went off to meet a pal in Buenos Aires (doesn’t that sound more exotic than it is …) and do a little shopping. After a few hours of checking out a couple more places, I checked in to the Launderette to see if my pillows were ready. The lady was nowhere to be seen, but my pillows were in a plastic basket on top of a machine. I felt them and they were still damp, so I assumed that they were waiting for another whizz in the dryer and went home.

The next day, my partner went to the Fishmongers, so I asked him to pick up the pillows for me. When they came back, they had clearly NOT been put back in the dryer – they were STILL damp – the only change in them from the day before was that they now smelled of cigarette smoke. Oh and I didn’t get my little Tupperware box for washing sachets back either.

Frankly I think that animal sanctuary’s going to get a couple of pillows after all, and there’s no way I’m getting rid of the washing machine just yet.

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