The Cheeseboard

A tiny little jewel of a shop which always has a good selection of different cheeses of the world (France features heavily) and one or two on the counter to taste. Their website boasts over 100 specially-sourced individually-made examples – though only a fraction of this is on display at any one time – probably a good thing with cheeses like Munster which has to be one of the smelliest fromages of Eastern France. The cheese is usually of perfectly good quality – though I once bought a Mimoulette – admittedly a hard cheese – that was so solid that it was totally inedible – a shame since it’s a particular favourite of mine.

It’s a bit pricey – but that’s only to be expected of something so specialist – and geographically placed. Royal Hill rents must be astronomical. You can get some good crackers to go with it and they also do a limited selection of Meantime Brewery Beer and other nibbles, pickles, jams and other cheese-related goodies. The shop always seems to be bursting at the seams with customers whenever I go.

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