Red Door Gallery

Turnpin Lane

Another Turnpin Lane curiosity, The minute Red Door Gallery is a shop showcasing local artists – especially sculptors, like Katherine Morling, whose pottery palm trees and odd colonies of skulls on sticks (based on the giant – and very creepy – memento mori on St Nicholas Church, Deptford) are enticingly fresh and original. Ceramics are heavily featured, often weighing towards the practical – vases and plates etc – clearly with the gift market in mind. If you do end up buying something you can also get the wrapping paper and card at the same time.

I can’t afford most of the stuff in there, even though they claim to have “prices to suit every budget,” – but it’s always intriguing to have a look. The “quilted” ceramic vases are particularly good, and there are some lovely jugs and mugs which are a little less pricey. The shop also sells dinky objets d’art and scented candles of the love ‘em or hate ‘em variety. Word to the wise – if you hate ‘em, make sure you bring a peg if you go in; they’re very powerful indeed. The displays change, as do the exhibitions at the back, on a regular basis.

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