My Parents are coming to Greenwich for the first time and they are keen art fans, Can you suggest where they can see some art and maybe purchase some?

Seeing Art – it sort of depends what kind of art they’re into. If they like traditional painting, the Queen’s House has a new hanging of their maritime paintings (there’s a review somewhere back in the blog.) There are quite a few maritime paintings and portraits in the Maritime Museum – mainly upstairs to the right as you go in. If they don’t mind spending a few quid you could all have a meal at the Spread Eagle just so you can see the superb collection of local paintings – my suggestion would be a lunchtime or early week to get the best view.

If they like more contemporary art, they could try the Paul McPherson Gallery, which is opposite the Auction rooms in Lassell St. He has exhibitions from contemporary artists on a rolling basis – obviously I don’t know what will be on when you go. There’s a photogrpahers’ gallery at the bottom of Royal Hill whose name totally esacapes me just now – but they opened an exhibition space last week.

As for purchases, I’d suggest The Inspired Art Gallery which is at the South end of Greenwich covered market They have a much larger floorspace that it might at first seem and are worth checking out. A few feet away in Turnpin Lane, Red Door, which hosts a lot of local artists’ work has a small but curious selection. Warwick Leadlay mainly sells maps, but he does occasionally have contemporary art on display – he’s an eclectic man indee.

If they’re into prints, look no further than the Greenwich Printmakers Co-op – also in the covered marker (there’s a review of that in the blog somewhere too) It’s manned by the artists themselves and if you like the work of a particular artist, they can open drawers of more examples of their work for you.

To be honest there are little shops selling odd pieces of art all over Greenwich – some are better than others. There’s one along Trafalgar Road, but I’m really not convinced about the general quality.

If they want to take pot-luck, they could try Greenwich Auctions. It’s unlikely they’ll find any good fine art, but the experience is fun (also reviewed somewhere in the blog.)

Other people may have some places to add – I know this list is not exhaustive – but good luck for now!

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