Mr Humbug

The Covered Market

Hooray for a good old fashioned sweet shop that sells childhood goodies out of jars that line the shelves and windows of this diddy little sweet shop. I always felt that Greenwich needed one of these – I even considered staring one myself, but I don’t have the temperament or patience to deal with real live people on a daily basis, so I’m absolutely delighted that someone else has had the guts to do it.

I guess, being a kitsch-oholic, I would have made my version a little more cutesy old fashioned and gone for the full nostalgic experience similar to the delightful little sweetshop in Lincoln which makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. But I’m very happy to look past the modern downlighters and trendy fittings to the jars themselves and spend a cheery Saturday morning (yes, all of it …) choosing what to spend my pennies on. Clearly others do exactly the same thing – the queues in here on a weekend are frightening, with the owners showing a hell of a lot more patience with small children’s indecisions than I would. Mr Humbug is just one of the many reasons I love Greenwich and for that I have made it one of The Phantom’s Favourite Haunts.

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