Loo Update

I’ve been checking out a couple of the more obscure loos in Greenwich – a subject close to my heart. Let’s face it – no one likes those godawful supaloos they’re trying to bring in these days. I passed the one at Greenwich Pier today as a lady and her small son were hanging about trying outside trying to pluck up courage o go in. My good deed for the day was to point them towards the excellent loos in the visitor centre about twenty five metres away.

But onto my loo reviews. Firstly, the seedy-looking 1940s/fifties nasties behind Discount Cycles in Rodmere St. This dark-bricked, grim-windowed gloomfest of a building is a (very) minor revelation inside. The paint inside is peeling badly beneath some seriously heavy grafitti-work but the lantern-windows in the roof make the inside very bright and it is, amazingly, scrupulously clean. All the loos have china bowls and proper seats. It is definitely not the worst I’ve seen by far – and a lick of paint would render them almost pleasant.

Just as grim-looking from the outside, the public conveniences in the churchyard at St Alfeges are also very clean, have china sanitaryware and proper seats. The hard, shiny paper is a hark back to the 70s but at least it doesn’t remind us any more that it is council property or order us to wash our hands. It’s darker inside as the daylight lanterns in the Rodmere St bogs are absent here, but again it’s not as threatening or as seedy as it might look from the outside. More research will be reported later.

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