House of Beauty

Situated somewhat prosaically over an estate agents at Blackheath Standard, Anita is a no-nonsense beautician who can wax your legs in a trice and still keep you smiling. She’s just that bit older – which in my book means more experienced and therefore less pain. Her place is tiny – but quite big enough for her – she works on her own. She does all the usual – waxing, massages,facials etc, plus various specialist things like reflexology and electrolysis and keeps chatting so that you can take your mind off any horrid things going on. One day I must go and have something nice done rather than just treatments which cause exquisite pain. I have no idea whether she does “Brazilians” or not – by the time she’s finished my shins I’m just counting the seconds until it stops – but then I’m a total wimp and Anita’s are some of the least painful waxes I’ve had (the most painful was in a very posh French salon – presumably the more expensive the worse (and more snooty) the treatment.)

Hold your breath as you climb the stairs if you don’t like patchouli oil – the building is occupied by a lot of holistic practitioners who seem to like that sort of thing.

One Comment to “House of Beauty”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to have my facials and other treatments at Harrods, however, I will never go back and it is because of Anita! She is everything the previous people said and even more. I always felt when people rush treatments or do it to just get them done, whilst with Anita you feel that she cares! You will switch your brain off and just chill. She beams with positive energy! Give it a try!