History Books

I love history – I have practically every history book there is about Greenwich, Woolwich, Blackheath, Deptford etc. I love ‘em all – memoirs, dry monographs, exciting local reviews – you name ‘em I’ve devoured them – yes even the one which purports to be the definitive historical guide but seems to have been written by someone (not a resident) who hates the place.

There are loads of absolutely brilliant local history books, written by people who have lived here and loved it longer than I have been alive, let alone resided in the vicinity. Which is why I’m not going to write another one. Instead, get on down to the Visitor Centre and buy a few for yourself. Support these local historians – they know their onions. Go on their walks – if they hold Greenwich Tour Guide badges they know enough to make my shaky understanding of the area collapse in thirty seconds flat. Of course some are better than others – and I will be reviewing them as I go along here. But good or bad their knowledge is generally unfaultable – their manner of imparting it is down to personal taste.

There are more being produced all the time – and often the more home-made the cover looks, generally the better the history will be – even if the writing style isn’t always my cup of tea. Watch this space…

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