Bullfrogs Shoes

Right on the very corner of Nelson Road, Bullfrogs is one of those places I’ve passed so many times and rather enjoyed the funky display but never actually gone inside. Perhaps a busy Saturday at sale-time wasn’t the best time to check it out, but there I was anyway, standing in the middle of a series of pale green circular pouffe stools, trying to see past the gaggles of young humanity poring over the bargains.

It seemed to me that the boys’ stuff was better than the girls’ – good clubwear and interesting day shoes for guys, but the women’s selection wasn’t as good – slightly tacky-looking high heels and unexciting daywear – though perhaps that’s what sales are all about – presuabably if it was that good it wouldn’t have made it to the sale at all. The usual clubbing flyers littered the desk, and frankly it felt a little scruffy – but I’m giving Bullfrogs the benifit of the doubt. Nowhere looks at its best during saletime. I’ll go back in a month or so for an update.

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